In this NOVEMBER 2011 newsletter, you will find several product and service announcements providing a comprehensive overview of our trends and new developments.

Your ACTIS Computer Team


 Announcement of Data Recorder product series

 Introduction of small form factor COM Express carrier board

 Support of Complete linux development suite

 Partnership with Alphi Technology

 ACTIS celebrates 20 years of embedded design solutions




For applications requiring extended data recording capabilities, the CSBX-6315 SBC offers an optimized architecture featuring a very low power consumption of typically 5 Watt.

Based on the CompactPCI PICMG 2.0 R3.0 specification, the CSBX-6315 can be integrated with a large choice of peripherals and acquisition boards to build a complex acquisition system for applications including data recorder, monitoring system, security access control, etc.

One mini PCI Express card and one PMC mezzanine slots are available for on-board system extension purpose.

Two on-board mSATA SSD modules are available for large data storage support (up to 128 GByte).

A complete Linux support is available, including U-Boot bootloader. Other RTOS are available on request.


Designed by our North American Design Center, this new COM Express carrier board offers a compact design integration since both COM module and carrier board fit in 95x95 mm compact form factor.

As a custom design for an aerospace application, this carrier board is used with the XCOM-9460 and a QNX specific development. This carrier board is also compatible with other ACTIS Computer COM Express modules for various applications domains including transport, research, industrial, etc. and software development with Linux Board Support Package.

This COM Express carrier including the following on-board peripheral:

Dual Fast Ethernet interface
Dual CAN bus controller
Dual USB interface
Four programmable RS232/RS422/RS485 interfaces
Industrial temperature grade -40/+85°C


For application based on Linux operating system, ACTIS Computer is introducing a dedicated Linux Development Suite.

The Linux Development Suite is a packaged solution for creating embedded applications. It accelerates development cycles and improves product quality by using ACTIS Linux BSP as the common base for the host and target platforms.

Key features of Linux Development Suite include:

Eclipse IDE with dedicated plug-ins
Cross-compiler and utilities tool chain
Linux kernel source codes


ACTIS Computer and Alphi Technology announce their mutual partnership for complex system design integration in Europe and Northern America.

This approach will combine the advantage of the expertise of ACTIS Computer through its wide choice of PowerPC Single Board Computers with a large selection of analog interface, MIL-STD-1553 and other controler from Alphi Technology and as well as the wide selection of customized or COTS solutions for COM Express VME, cPCI, stand alone and VPX carriers. This warrants our exclusive competitive advantage within embedded market.

The addition of know-how of the two Companies will give us the opportunity to manage efficiently new Embedded project with a flexibility not available from a single Industrial Computer supplier. Our Companies represent a total of more than 50 years of experience in “Real-time Computers” and have a lot of references with Worldwide leading Customers in Aerospace, Transportation, Telecom, Nuclear, Security, Industrial, and many other critical applications. In addition we support most Real Time OS and a complete “Open Source LINUX and ECLIPSE Design Suite”.


ACTIS Computer celebrates 20 years of innovation in embedded design solutions used for mission critical, telecom, research and industrial applications.

Founded in April 1991, ACTIS Computer has a long experience as a board level manufacturer in the embedded boards market. With its engineering design center at its headquarter in Geneva/Switzerland and sales office in North America, ACTIS Computer offers innovative and high-quality products that meet customer requirements for PowerPC based Single Board Computers.

The ACTIS Computer's product portfolio offers a large range of hardware based COTS and custom designs including VME and CompactPCI based SBC boards, COM Express processor modules, PMC modules, Standalone processor boards and IndustryPack mezzanine modules.

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