Dear VSBC-6848's user,

ACTIS Computer is pleased to announce the availability of a new software support for the VSBC-6848 VMEBus PowerPC processor board. This software solution is based on the open source universal bootloader U-Boot and the latest Linux Kernel 3.1 Board Support Package.

Special discount available for "ECMON and Linux 2.6 BSP" users.

Please feel free to contact us for further information related to this software update.

Your ACTIS Computer Team



ACTIS Computer is now supporting the U-Boot bootloader and the Linux kernel 3+ release as the standard software configuration on all its Single Board Computer solutions.

Open source embedded software offers an industry-standard environment for all applications.

The Linux BSP is based on an optimized version dedicated to the embedded PowerPC platforms and includes the latest features introduced by the version 3. The interface between U-Boot and the Linux kernel is accomplished through the Flat Device Tree (FDT) mechanism describing the platform hardware resources.

The U-Boot software is widely used by the industry as the bootloader utility for most embedded processor architecture including the PowerPC. U-Boot includes an extensive set of utilities supporting a large range of hardware drivers including network interface, SATA drive management, PCI and PCI Express bus, NOR and NAND Flash control, thermal sensor, I2C bus handling, etc.


 Universal bootloader compatible with industry real time operating systems
Linux kernel 3+ release supported
Support network or drive mounted file system.
Support of Tiny Embedded (BusyBox) or typical Debian 6 file systems
Customizable Kernel configuration for power up speed optimization
Customizable File System for size optimization
Flat Device Tree (FDT) resources interface supported
Enhanced hardware driver support
Development tool chain based on Eclipse available

Or call us at +41 (22) 706 1830 for detailed information about this new software solution.

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