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Based on its long experience on embedded design, ACTIS Computer is supplying has a large portfolio of COTS products covering industry's recognized standards including CompactPCI, COM Express, XMC/PMC, MiniPCI Express Card, VMEBus, IndustryPack.

For customer's specific requirements, ACTIS Computer is also offering hardware and software embedded design services.

When Commercial off The Shelf (COTS) boards do not fit exact customer requirements for a specific application or when volume justify cost reduction by an optimization, it is wise to make a dedicated design to better cope with the planned project.

ACTIS Computer engineering department is very flexible in designing customized version of our boards for medium to high volume projects.

The ACTIS team has wide-ranging experience including the following technologies:
Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design
PowerPC and ARM processor architecture
High performance memory design based on DDR3, DDR2, NAND, Fast SRAM
Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces
High speed serial interfaces including Thunderbolt, SATA, USB
Analog and RF designs featuring low noise, high current, power supply, acquisition system and digital to analog converter

ACTIS Computer is supporting the complete design phases from the product until the product delivery by handling the following capabilities:
Project analysis and definition
Schematics Design
PCB Layout
Signal Integrity
Thermal Simulation
Manufacturing Capabilities
Long life Product obsolescence management

Open source software brings power and freedom to development projects and is a compelling choice for companies wanting to avoid the software-license businesses model, but open source also brings challenges as it relies on a community of volunteer developers. ACTIS Computer has a long experience of bringing industrial embedded Linux and VxWorks projects to the market. As a full solution provider for the implementation of both Linux and VxWorks in embedded systems we can support you from end to end of your product life cycle.

ACTIS Computer offers a rich set of integrated open source software components packaged in an easy-to-use development environment for board-level driver and application development. Our system includes cross development tool chain, Eclipse IDE, libraries, file system, stable kernel.

Our Expertise:
Microprocessor Architectures: ARM, and PowerPC
Networks and communication: Ethernet, CAN, MIL-STD-1553
Serial interfaces: SATA, USB, UART, SPI, I2C
Peripheral devices: GPS, GPIO
Acquisition system: A/D and D/A
Power Management

ACTIS has experience performing environmental, electrical, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing. Some of the standards that we have experience testing for compliance to as part of a system- and/or board-level qualification effort include MIL-STD-810, EN60068, EN60255, etc.

The ACTIS's environmental and EMI testing include the following capabilities:
Shock and Vibration
Combined Temperature and Shock/Vibration

ACTIS Computer offers a wide range of services supporting PCB assembly, electromechanical assembly and full turnkey production. Manufacturing capabilities include:
High Speed SMT Board Assembly, Single and Double Sided
Fine Pitch Component Placement
BGA & Micro-BGA (Ball Grid Array)
Lead-Free Certified up to Class III soldering requirements
Electromechanical Assembly
Dedicated Program Management
Cellular / Lean Manufacturing
Conformal Coating
In-process and Post-Assembly Verification (AOI, X-ray, Flying Probe, Functional and In-circuit Test)
ISO 9001/2000 Certification

Please feel free to contact us for an analysis of your next custom design requirement.

Your ACTIS Computer Team

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