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ACTIS Computer and Advise Engineering are pleased to announce their mutual partnership for supplying, designing and promoting embedded systems based on COTS and custom design products.

ACTIS Computer introduces two new PCI Express mini card including analog acquisition module and dual CAN bus controllers.

The CSBX-6315 data recorder extends its support for a PCI Express mini card extension and for larger on-board SSD storage capacity available now up to 480 GByte.

Read our data logger application for further details.


Advise Engineering supports projects built from a library of systems made for the industry since more than 20 years as OEM subsystems (boards, modules, etc...) and offer them today as "Ready To Use Solutions" for easy integrations in residential application and professional control systems.

Solutions for embedded Control from residential environment to highly secured Power Plant.

Advise Engineering solutions are based on open standard concepts and popular interface available on all platform including:

Linux operating system & U-Boot Bootloader
Ethernet network & Internet server
USB ports & Thunderbolt high speed link
Wifi connection & Bluetooth network
I2C & SPI low speed industrial interfaces

MADC-1816: 8-input 16-bit Analog Acquisition Module
The MADC-1816 offers simultaneously sampling A/D architecture with 8 single-ended or 4 differential analog input channels.
All channel features programmable gain 1 or 2 and can be programmed to handle analog input with a single-ended or differential configuration.

The acquisition can be started by the host or by an on-board sequencer that uses a channel list to specify which channel to acquire. A local 8Kx16 but dual ported SRAM stores the acquisition data. Memory pointers can be selected t limit the number of scans gathered, as well as the control of interrupt generation.

Download MADC-1816 datasheet


MCAN-1020: PCI Express mini card Dual CAN Bus Interface
The MCAN-1020 is engineered around the ARM7 highly integrated microcontroller.

This ARM7TDMI-S processor has very low power consumption and features 512 kB of on-chip high-speed flash memory.

It incorporates several communications ports, specifically a USB full-speed Device/Host/OTG Controller with 4 kB of endpoint RAM, and two Controller Area Network (CAN) channels.

The device controller enables 12 Mbit/s data exchange with a USB host controller. It consists of a register interface, serial interface engine, endpoint buffer memory, and a DMA controller. The serial interface engine decodes the USB data stream and writes data to the appropriate endpoint buffer. The status of a completed USB transfer or error condition is indicated via status registers.

Download MCAN-1020 datasheet

The CSBX-6315 CompactPCI SBC offers the ideal choice for data recording application due to its versatile extension buses and on-board storage capabilities.

Based on the PCI Express mini card interface, ACTIS Computer is offering now Analog Acquisition system, CAN bus controller and MIL-STD-1553 bus controller.

For critical application requiring very high storage capacity, the CSBX-6315 data recorder platform is now supported by on-board drives with up to 480 GByte under extended temperature conditions.

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