Company Overview
Founded in 1991, ACTIS Computer is a Swiss engineering company specialized in embedded solutions including low power consumption, extended temperature range, Single Board Computers and I/O modules for industrial embedded applications.

ACTIS Computer is supplying embedded solution including CompactPCI, COM Express, VMEBus legay SBC, Data recorder, XMC/PMC mezzanines, IndustryPack modules and specific architecture platform based on COTS or custom products.

ACTIS Computer is also supporting embedded software including U-Boot as universal bootloader, embedded Linux kernel and VxWorks RTOS.

Engineering Services
ACTIS Computer is also offering custom design engineering services for specific customer requirement. It includes product specification definition, schematic entry, PCB layout, Thermal analysis, Mechanical design, PCB Layout constraints simulation, Environmental qualification, Production Management.

Production capabilities
All products are manufactured by an ISO-9002 subcontractor and use extensively SMD and FPGA technology to insure small size, automated manufacturing and high performance.

Technical Support
Our technical support team provides customers with an extensive suite of services including component level troubleshooting, software/hardware installation and device functionality verification. Our aim is to provide customers with rapid and reliable assistance.