Hardware Design ServicesFor more than 20 years ACTIS Computer has developed an unique expertise in PowerPC Single Board Computer for both COTS products and custom designs for worldwide leading customers in demanding markets like Transportation, Aerospace, Security, Process Control, Power Plant, Telecommunication, Military, Research, Education, etc…

When Commercial off The Shelf (C.O.T.S.) boards do not fit exact customer requirements for a specific application, it is wise to make a dedicated design to better cope with the planned project.

ACTIS Computer engineering department is very flexible in designing customized version of our boards for medium to high volume projects.

The ACTIS team has wide-ranging experience producing CompactPCI, VPX, VMEBus, XMC/PMC, PCI Express card including the following technologies:

  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design
  • PowerPC and ARM processor architecture
  • High performance memory design based on DDR3, DDR2, NAND, Fast SRAM
  • One and Ten Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces
  • High speed serial interfaces including Thunderbolt, SATA, USB
  • Analog and RF designs featuring low noise, high current, power supply, acquisition system and digital to analog converter

ACTIS Computer is supporting the complete design phases from the product until the product delivery by handling the following capabilities:

 Schematics Design
 PCB Layout
 Signal Integrity
 Thermal Simulation
 Manufacturing Capabilities

Schematic DesignSchematic Design

Our design team provides solutions matching your requirements. State of the art EDA tools are used for your project. Using a hierarchical design approach results in a quick and error free solution, while maintaining the maximum reusability of the resulting work. Changes and modification of the resulting final data can be done at customer location in an easy way.



PCB LayoutPCB Layout

Mostly ignored, the PCB is in fact one of the most important parts of a electronic design.

More than two decades of PCB experience is the perfect base to select the best matching technology for your project. Selecting standard or express service, quality and accuracy are always first. Special diligence is taken to create a PCB that not only works, but provides a yield optimized part for the following assembly and testing steps within the production process.


Signal IntegritySignal Integrity

With many of today's digital designs having signals in the GHz range, Signal Integrity simulation has never been more important. Design techniques that were adequate for lower frequency systems no longer work as clock rates continue to increase. FPGAs, DRAMs, busses, microprocessors and many other system elements routinely switch in the hundreds of megahertz if not gigahertz range. With today's compressed schedules and budgets, it's extremely important to get the design and layout correct the first time. Without proper SI simulation a poorly functioning system with random errors is often the end result.

ACTIS Computer has the experience and tools to do both pre and post route SI simulation and advise you of the corrective steps to take. We can work with your engineers and layout personnel before and during layout to help ensure a high quality design that functions at the required speed. We typically get involved early in the project in order to perform as much modeling as possible. Although we can get involved after a board has been fabricated, total schedule and development cost are always less when SI simulation is done before the first prototype PCB is released to fabrication.


Thermal SimulationThermal Simulation

The ACTIS team offers system, board and component level thermal analysis to achieve the most optimal thermal design. Through a process of analysis, simulation, and design, ACTIS is able to offer the most sophisticated levels of thermal management while focusing on future production cost of the design. Typical applications include the design of large fan trays as well as component level thermal design such as heatsink analysis. ACTIS expertise and experience in the thermal management field will ensure a high performing product. With system design becoming more powerful and generating more heat than ever before, a proper thermal design is crucial for product reliability and design integrity.


Manufacturing CapabilitiesManufacturing Capabilities

ACTIS Computer offers a wide range of services supporting PCB assembly, electromechanical assembly and full turnkey production. Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • High Speed SMT Board Assembly, Single and Double Sided
  • Fine Pitch Component Placement
  • BGA & Micro-BGA (Ball Grid Array)
  • Lead-Free Certified up to Class III soldering requirements
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Dedicated Program Management
  • Cellular / Lean Manufacturing
  • Conformal Coating
  • In-process and Post-Assembly Verification (AOI, X-ray, Flying Probe, Functional and In-circuit Test)
  • ISO 9001/2000 Certification