PowerPC COM Express module based on MPC8347E

The XCOM-9347 is the first PowerPC member for the COM Express (PICMG COM.0 compliant) module based on a Freescale MPC8347E @ 400 MHz processor provides an highly integration solution with the COM Express Compact form factor, only 95x95 mm (3.74x3.74 in).

The Freescale’s PowerQUICC II Pro MPC8347E processor integrates the enhanced e300 PowerPC core with an on-chip encryption engine. The performance level is is rated at 756 MIPS @ 400 MHz.

PowerPC COM Express module based on PPC460EX

The XCOM-9460 COM Express module offers an optimized solution for low power embedded system running under extended temperature range from -40 to +85 °C. This processor module based on the PowerPC architecture with the AMCC PPC460EX processor offers a limited power dissipation versus its computing power capabilities. The IEEE-754 dual precision floating point unit opens the XCOM-9460 as real an alternative solution for application requiring floating numbers computing.