3U CompactPCI CPU board with PowerQUICC III MPC8545E @1.2GHz, up to 1GB DDR2 SDRAM with ECC

Build around the second generation of PowerQUICC III designed by Freescale Semiconductor using 90 nm technologies, the new CSBX-3545A set a new level of performance per watt with power dissipation at 1.2 GHz similar to the previous generation at 800 MHz. 

6U CPU board with PowerQUICC II MPC8270@450 MHz, SDRAM 128 MB, FLASH 16MB.

Note: this product is not recommended for new designing, please use the suggested alternative reference CSBX-6315.

The CSBC-6872is a sophisticated and flexible telecom product from the ACTIS Computer PowerQUICC II product line.